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Jump f-zero climax rom navigation Jump to search The following is a list of arcade games developed and published by Sega on their arcade system boards. What happens when a game is cancelled? Beta games are not the same as the ones you’ve played. We remember these unseen games for curiosity, historic and artistic preservation.

PC, genre of game, publisher or development studios. To see a complete list of the most popular beta and cancelled videogames currently archived on Unseen64, choose your favorite retro console or PC from the list below. Browse our archive by developers or genres:If you prefer, you can also check all the unseen games from your favorite developers or gaming genre, here is a list of a few ones from the most popular. In any case, on Unseen 64 there are not roms or direct link to download games, just links to other websites where you could find them: we need to stay as clean as possible to be able to keep the site online and to keep saving more documents of these unseen games. Just enjoy this archive and keep dreaming about how awesome those unseen games could have been! YOU, yes, even you can help to save lost videogames!

MVS was also a good home console which mainly saw direct ports from it’s arcade counterpart, but I, and I’m sure others probably cant help but think that some games never saw the light of day. The same would go for the Neo Geo CD as it saw typically the more enhanced arcade games go to it. Then there’s the Hyper 64 which only saw 6-7 games total. I just cant imagine a game developer didnt at least attempt to code up something else. Sure the console wasnt due for it’s time, but the Hyper 64 and what may have been are truly mysteries. It would be intriguing to see any sort of indication of other games outside the meager 6-7 that were released.